2016 T - Lymphocytes, Art Space Eos, Athens.

The point of view in situations can make the difference in the meaning of its purpose. "Looks can be deceiving" people say. What about words ? Can we do the same ? Scrambling, we can create with the same letters so many different words, it is like coding! It is like changing our way of thinking, our perspective. In this way ΜΎΘΟΣ (=Myth ) can be scrambled into ΘΎΜΟΣ (=Thaus ), or ΘΥΜΌΣ (=Anger ) and the artist translates this "game" into drawing."T", this letter is the scale wich shows the good and evil, hero and vilan-demon, according to philosophy. T is our first memory, when we deside that we are either heroes or demons. But what else "T" is ? T is the letter biologists use for the "T-lymphcytes", "T-lymphocytes" carry with them memory! Can this be a coincidence? Aristotle said "coincidence is the ignorance of facts", ignorance of who we really are, beyond labels. Peloras, peloras are the hybrid formed demons, who from the time they were born were ment to be demons, to be evil. Their killers, the Heroes were hired by the gods from the time they were born, to be heroes, to be good. But are the heroes true heroes? Are the peloras true demons? If we, for once, change our point of view, we can see beyond the myth, beyond the things we were told. Myths come out of situations, human situations, those situations change actors but the play remains the same. So the myths still live in our everyday life, I call you observer to find them and, by clearing your mind, deside who is the hero and who is the demon, without what you were told, but what you discover.