2021 Alexithymia, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens


Duration: October 23 - November 20, 2021

Art curation of the exhibition Electra Duma, text by Paris Capralos

The Technochoros art gallery begins the new art season with the group exhibition entitled Alexithymia (Alexithymia is defined as the condition experienced by people with difficulty in understanding and expressing their emotions and concerns a scientific term first invented by psychiatrist Petros Sifnaios).

At the same time, the works of the exhibition will be presented digitally in the "stand" of Technochoros as a participation in Art Athina 2021 which will be held online this year as well.

The participants in the exhibition are: Sotiria Alevizou, Nikolas Antoniou, Anni Zavitsanou, Elias Kasselas, Stavroula Michalopoulou, Athanasios Beroutsos, Aggeliki Pantazopoulou, Yelena Parharidou and Rania Fragkoulidou.

The exhibition has a human-centered character in the form of dominating the works even when it is clearly implied. The different approach of each artist to a subject as popular as the human figure in art, creates an impressive patchwork of works. The viewer through this polyphony is called to compromise with the works, leaving behind stereotypes and prejudices that affect his judgment.

Paris Capralos, art curator notes, among other things, about the exhibition: "As humans we are incapable of remaining in a dystopia for a long time, we seek freedom and creativity, through the expression of our emotions. In a society unable to express itself under the psychological burden of fear, insecurity and a high sense of helplessness, a generalized paralysis may be the next "wave" when the biological threat is over. The artist as a social subject is not excluded from this situation. "Nevertheless, the artwork has the potential to influence society by proposing ways of thinking and cultivating values."

He goes on to say: "According to Wittgenstein, the purpose of art is to free the mind from the shackles of the past and to open new horizons in the understanding of reality. Each of the nine artists who patricipate in the exhibition contributee their own point of view, inscribed in personal semiology, imprinted with idiomatic writings. "Expressionism, allegories and symbolism of the artworks are not a property of understanding, but an intuitive language of communication between the mind and the soul."

Exhibition catalogue